Why Do You Need an Accountant

Hi my super amazing fellow creatives!  My name is Jess and I am an aspiring photographer (I still can't get used to saying that, since I never thought I would find this amazing talent of mine!!).  I love capturing love, family giggles, intimate moments and just the beauty that's in our everyday life!  There really is no comparison to hearing the click of my shutter and than seeing what moments I was able to capture behind my lens. 

But that's not the only passion in my life.  When I'm not running around capturing images of every amazing thing I see, I am stuck behind a desk for a big corporation, being an Accountant.  Now I know you all just let out a huge groan with the thought of  working a job like accounting, but I can't help but love it as much as I do photography.  The steadfastness of numbers has always given me a sense of security.  And I have always loved analyzing a company's financial information and than teaching and guiding them to obtaining their full growth potential.   

Than I had a thought one day...why can't I combine my two passions.  Most creative people are amazing at what they do, whether they are a photographer, florist, artist, baker, builder, ect.  Their passion shows clearly through their work.  But what they aren't amazing out is back office part of running a business.  It's one thing to put all your expenses in a spreadsheet and than put all your sales in another spreadsheet and seeing how much you made that year.  It's another thing to be able to take that information and grow with it!  So I started mentoring creatives on how to read this information, along with how to keep a stressfree bookkeeping system.

So, that brings us to the main part of this post.  Why do you need to hire an accountant??  I think the best answer I have to that is the same one I would give my clients who ask why they need to hire a professional photographer.   Because that is what they are trained to do. Accountants go through a rigorous degree course and than continue training throughout their career to hone their skills, learning the logic and details behind what they do, and learn the intricate regulations and laws that come with running a business.

Tax/Business laws and regulations are monitored by the township where your business is, the state your business resides in and the Federal Government.  Each body of government has different rules and work together in different ways.  They are also always changing.  It is practically a full time job just to keep up with the rules that are in tact to run a business.  Than interpreting those rules is another skill in itself. 

Just like photographers, there are many different types of Accountants.  There are ones that do taxes, ones that plan budgets and help set goals, ones that do everyday transactions (like bookkeeping) and ones that teach and train people how to run their business successfully.   Hiring the right professional can help alleviate tons of stress in your business and help you get to that salary goal you are trying to obtain. 

I know for a fact that you can absolutely rock your creative business!  With hard-work and dedication, you will obtain the goals you have set for yourself.  But the only way a business owner will ever be successful and not become burnt out, is by getting the help that is available.  Having an Accountant is a great step going to from being a super awesome creative to a super awesome creative business owner.