Dutch Valley Tree Farm Wedding | A letter to Melanie & Joe for their Wedding Day

Oh Mel and Joe...

 I could seriously write tons about you two and that will never be enough to really show you just how much I appreciate you!  Mel, I've known you since you were a sweet (I use that term lightly) teenager trying to sneak drinks at the bar I bartended at. I watched you go through some hard times, look at the bottom and climb your way back up.  Now you are an amazing mother, a wonderful caring friend and a great wife. 

Joe, you came back into Mel's life at just the right time.  When she least expected it and really needed it.  I saw him help transform Mel into the woman she is now.  You are a hard working, dedicated, caring family man. 

You both have trusted me with your love story from day one.  Even when I was starting out and just learning what I was doing, you always stayed faithful to JWP.  From your maternity pictures to Noah's newborn session, to his first birthday where Joe sneakily popped the question in front of my camera!!  I couldn't imagine not being their on your special day. 

Mel and Joe - you two really are the definition of soul mates.  You lift each other up and really show the best sides of each other.  Always remember that, even when things get tough.  Look back on your wedding day pictures and feel all the love that was surrounding you that day.  Fight when you must as long as you always remember to humble yourselves at the end of the day.  Be greatful for each other and your family.  And live a long happy life together!

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