Main Street Bethlehem Engagement Session Tips - Bethlehem, PA Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite places to photograph is Main Street in Bethlehem.  The old world charm is the perfect backdrop to help create the most amazing images.  Whether you want a gorgeous picture in front of an old 1800's style house, or a relaxed intimate feeling along the river, there is really something for everyone. 

When I hold my session in Bethlehem, we almost always start off at the Bethlehem Hotel for a drink. For a lot of couples, your engagement pictures are the first time that you and your love have had to pose for professional pictures (no, sorry, perfecting the selfie doesn't count as professional!).  Starting off in a relaxed session where you both are just having a drink and enjoying each other's company helps to get you relaxed for your photo session!

After you get to relax with a nice drink, it's time to really start your session!  This is the fun part, I swear!  The whole time we are walking around, I'm learning about you and your fiance. Watching how you guys interact with each other and taking notes for your wedding day.  The most important thing to remember is that engagement sessions are the prelude to your wedding portraits.  They help me as your photographer know what poses you love and hate, and you two as a couple, know how comfortable you feel with each other.  Most of my posing will come with light directing, mostly just helping you ease into a pose that you look and feel comfortable with!  Remember, if you feel awkward, you'll look awkward.  So take a deep breath, relax and ease into your love!

My absolute favorite part of having your engagement session on Main Street in Bethlehem is that there are so many different locations for you to choose from.  If you are not into the total urban feel, down by the creek behind Hotel Bethlehem is really nice.  If you go up a few blocks, you'll reach the Bethlehem Library, which has the prettiest views that overlook South Side Bethlehem.  

Whether you plan out your engagement session or just wander around for a bit, I promise, Bethlehem has plenty of amazing backdrops to add to your engagement photos! Grab a drink and take a walk around.  You may be surprised what you end up seeing!

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